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March 1, 1935, Page 5


            Dr. Harry Slochower of the German department will deliver two addresses on Fascism and Naziism at the Anti-Nazi Federation, 168 West 23rd Street, Manhattan, on Friday, March 8. Dr. Slochower will speak on the background of German fascism, and the following week he will discuss Hitlerism.

            Besides these discussions, the Anti-Nazi Federation will present a series of lectures on fascism throughout the month of March. On March I, Dr. Carmen Haider, lecturer in Fascism, will discuss Italian Fascism. The next two weekly discussions will be given by Dr. Harry Slochower. The topic of the discussion of March 22 is Nazi Activities and Fascism: Tendencies in America.

            All students, says Professor Samuel N. Kagen, registrar, who seek admission to medical, dental, or other professional schools in September, 1935, are urged to file their applications for transcripts of records in the office of the Registrar as soon as possible as to avoid any difficulties due to late application.


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