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March 22, 1935, Page 1

President Boylan
Asked To Protest
War Manoeuvres

            A move to draft a letter which will be sent to President Roosevelt and Secretary of War Dern protesting the war manouevres in the Pacific Ocean was passed by Student Council, by a vote of 16 to 9, at Wednesday's meeting. The letter is first to be sent to President William A. Boylan, with a request that he send it in the name of Brooklyn College.

            During the discussion, Helen Friedland, president of Council raised objections to this motion, stating that the members of Council were not sufficiently informed on the issue to vote on the motion intelligently. "An issue of this nature is far afield from Council's jurisdiction and if to be acted upon, must be considered carefully," said Miss Friedland.

            Marjorie Sprake, assistant treasurer of Council, speaking as a representative of the Student Christian Association, explained that similar letters have already been sent by various college presidents throughout the country. The S. C. A. she said, has already protested the manouevers, as they are hampering the progressive Japanese student movement in this country.

            Harriet Kahn, treasurer of Council and Sivia Friedman, chairman of the Course of Study committee were chosen to represent Council at the Anti-War Conference to be held at First Presbyterian Church, today and tomorrow. Speaking on the conference Sylvia Werner, vice-president of Council, explained that Seth Low, Long Island University, and Brooklyn College are to participate in making plans for the anti-war strike in their colleges on April 12, and in discussing the student anti-war situation.

            Sivia Fredman, representing Council or the Potpourri staff, announced that copies of the first issue of the magazine will be sold to non S. A. B. members three days before they will he distributed to S. A. B. members.

            This measure was adopted to insure sufficient funds to publish the remaining tw issues of the magazine for this term. Copies will be set aside for SAB members, however, and there is no possibility of a shortage.

            The by-law of the Council situation relating to the S. A. B. drive was ratified. The S. A. B. drive will be closed at the end of the fourth week after the beginning of the semester and will not be re-opened.


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