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Editorial, March 22, 1935, Page 1

Bigger and Better

            Although they persist in writing polite notes advocating peace, the leading nations of the world are striving, at the same time to exceed one another in preparing for a bigger and better edition of their last war to end war.

      Herr Hitler has announced his intention of arming Germany to the limit. The French Parliament has filed a resolution to prolong the term of military service. The United States Congress has passed one of the largest appropriations for strictly military purposes in the peace-time history of this country. Great Britain and Italy are not far behind. The threat of war can be overlooked no longer.

      Following this week's developments in the world armaments situation, the Brooklyn Conference Against War and Fascism that opens tonight is particularly timely. Brooklyn College has been the scene of numerous anti-war activities during the past year. The Peace Chapel addressed by prominent faculty members, the two-day Anti-War Conference attended by hundreds of teachers and students, and the college-wide strike when thousands walked out of classrooms to demonstrate for peace are all steps in the right direction.

            Tonight's Conference deserves the support of everyone in the College. All clubs, classes and groups should send delegates to make this second Conference a bigger and better move against war.


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