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March 23, 1934, Page 1



Mr. Grebanier Calls Ladies
      Dangers in Last War

         In the present anti-war movement, we must distinguish between sentiment and sentimentality, Mr. Bernard D. N. Grebanier of the English Department said at last Friday's meeting of the Social Science Club.

         "Sentiment," said Mr. Grebanier, "is sympathy with other human beings and is a most important virtue." A sentimentalist, however, merely enjoys his sentimentality without doing or aiming at anything in particular. He has a fine set of nerves and likes a grand show. But he is not sincere and cannot become interested in work because it is not dramatic, he added.

         Mr. Grebanier declared, "It was the ladies who were the greatest danger during the last war. They stopped men in the street and asked them why they didn't go to war and they told boys they looked so handsome in uniforms." Mr. Grebanier added that we must watch for heart-throbs and look for ideals. The popular songs which glorify war should be suppressed. Mr. Grebanier concluded with the warning, "Watch out for false heroics."


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