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March 23, 1934, Page 3



          The first meeting of the executive committee of the Brooklyn College Anti-War League was held on Tuesday morning. Plans for April 6-13 were discussed in connection with the cooperation offered by the Women's division Student Council. All students are to go to 11 o'clock classes on April 11, and after about five minutes, they are to leave their classes. Orderly lines will be formed outside of the five buildings, and the students will march to LIU.

          At LIU, faculty and student speakers will address the meeting. With sufficient time to reach their fourth hour classes, the students will march down Pearl Street, break ranks, and go to 12 o'clock classes.

          The League will support and popularize a mass meeting against war on April 6 at St. Nicholas Arena. During the week, many meetings will be called by clubs, and on April 11 a large interclub meeting will be held.



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