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Letter, March 23, 1934, Page2

To the Editor:

            Many, I am sure will agree with me, that the chapel on Wednesday seemed funny because it left things where it took them from, the air. We do not wish to take issue with the speakers in the assembly. They told us what we all knew about the causes and nature of war. Dr. Slochower said that owe must wage a war on "war, the worst of all crimes and gangsterisms." But how? What shall we as students, as members of society, as human beings, do?

            We can convert the anti-war issue into one of two things. Either we can make it a good lecture topic, an issue existing in an academic stratosphere with no real implications for us; or, on the other hand, we can wage a really effective fight against war, a fight consisting of a "planned and reasoned" course.

            The time has come when we must take either one of the above stands. The danger of war is sufficiently close for us to realize this. Alone, in a chapel, quoting a few figures, we can accomplish nothing. As part of an active fight against war, our protests take on meaning. Therefore I agree with the editorial opinion that all students and members of the faculty corps who are sincerely opposed to war will "walk out" of their third hour classes or. Friday, April 13, in protest against war; for anyone who is unwilling to do so it unwilling to participate in a "planned and reasoned course;" the only planned and widespread course of action for college students at this time. Sincerity, shown it a few words without action at a time like this, is insincerity.

Exec. Comm., Anti-War League


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