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March 29, 1934, Pages 1, 4



Appoints Committee of Nine
      To Make Definite Plans;
            Sylvia Wener Is Head

          Although unofficial recommendation of the Faculty Committee on Student Affairs said that neither Student Council nor the Faculty Committee had the right to legislate on the matter, Council yesterday re-affirmed its anti-war stand by voting to support the Anti-War demonstration to be held April 13.

          "Student Council can legislate only on extra-curricular activities," stated Professor Whyte, Chairman of the Faculty Committee, in an unofficial talk with several members of the Council Executive Board. "Since the walk-out will occur during classes, it is a curricular activity and outside of the jurisdiction of Student Council," he said. No motion passed by Student Council is official until approved by the Faculty Committee, it was stated. By not returning the minutes of the March 6 meeting, approving the walk-out, the Committee shows neither its approval nor disapproval of the motion.

          The new motion, as passed by Council, states "In view of the fact that Student Council considers itself representative of the student body in curricular and extra-curricular activities, after due consideration of the Faculty Committee recommendation, Student Council moves to support the Anti-War demonstration."

          The question of whether Council could incur any form of reproof by supporting the strike was answered by Ellen J. Edelstein, editor-in-chief of Spotlight, who affirmed that unofficial inquiries had made it clear that no member of the administrative corps had officially protested against the support of the "strike," although the matter had provoked much unofficial discussion.

          Lenore Koslan, treasurer of Student Council, suggested that the principle involved was worth the risk, while Adele Brown, president of Student Council stressed the responsibility of Council acting, against war.

          Council passed the decision that "This anti-war demonstration is to be an orderly, militant sign of our school's disapptoval of war. That is its sole purpose."

          The following recommendations were

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          1. Postcards be sent to every woman student in the school informing her of the "walk-out."

          2. Class presidents hold class mornings to inform the students more fully about the demonstration.

          3. The Committee, headed by Sylvia Wiener, L.J. council rep, to manage the anti-war demonstration was chosen. There is one member on the committee from each class. They are: Mildred Solemon, U.S. president, Molly Shreiber, L.S. council rep., Paula Lance, U.J. council rep., Helen Friedland, L.J., President Interfaith Council, and Ruth Katz, U.S., Leah Teiler, L.S., Dortohy Jacobs, U.F., Harriet Kaplan, L.F., representatives of their class.


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