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March 29, 1934, Pages 1, 3



Students To Ask Instructors
   To Strike With Them
          On April 13

          The Brooklyn College Anti-War League has outlined a program of activity for National Student Anti-War Week, April 6-13. The activities are both local and city-wide, but the object of every action is preparation for the nationwide strike on April 13. The chief and most significant event of the week, the strike on April 13, has received the support of Student Council, Spotlight, and many clubs. The Anti-War League, with Council, has outlined the plans for the march to Long Island University. Students will go to their 11 o'clock classes, and leave the classes at 11:05, calling upon their instructors and fellow students to walk out with them.

          The students will form ranks and march from each building to L. I. U. where they will be joined by the students and faculty of L.I.U. Addresses by students and faculty members will be made, and the meeting will be dismissed, with enough time to reach the fourth hour classes.

          The return march will be from L.I.U, down Pearl St. to Willoughby St. where ranks will he broken, and students will return to classes.

          On April 6 at 12 noon, students from all the metropolitan colleges will march from Madison Square (23rd St. and Fifth Ave.) to Columbus Circle. Students will address the meeting at Columbus Circle.

          A large mass meeting at which students, professionals and workers will be present, has been called for the evening of April 6. Barry F. Ward, Carl Brodsky, Anne Gray, and Roger Baldwin will speak.

          The other activity which will be participated in by all the city's colleges is the picketing of armories and other buildings during the week.

          A series of meetings will be held at Brooklyn College from April 9 to 12. The largest and most important meeting will be on Wednesday, April 11 at 12:15 in 3011.


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