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March 29, 1935, Page 3

Preamble and Text of Resolutions
Adopted at Conference Against War

            Seventeen years alter the last World War in which millions of workers and students died, we find war imminent once more;

            Whereas, this emphasizes the fact that the students today are not isolated from society arid will be called upon to fight should war be declared, we condemn all tendencies heading towear, of which the chief factor is fascism;

            Whereas, we realize that wars are brought about through monopoly capitalism, which is ever seeking new markets and oppressing colonial peoples;

            Whereas war and fascism cannot be considered apart from one another, because Fascism is the open dictatorship of monopoly capitalism, and intensifies the international armament race and inevitably leads to war, and monopoly capitalism is the force making for modern imperialist war;

            Whereas, we realize that students must ally themselves with the workers whose strategic position in history and modern armies make them the decisive factor in the fight against war,

            Whereas, at the same time, students must cooperate with farmers, professionals and all other forces fighting against war,

            Therefore be it resolved. that:

            1. We endorse the call for the April 12 strike, and request all organizations to support it.

            2. We shall set up a continuations committee composed of three people from each college which will also act as a strike committee.

            3. We endorse and support the activities of the American Student committee against War and Fascism, and call for an American Student Congress against War and Fascism to be held in the near future.

            4. We also adopt these slogans for the strike:
                  a. Strike against Imperialist War.
                  b. Fascism breeds war. Fight against Fascism.
                  c. Schools, not battleships.
                  d. Abolish the ROTC.

            5. We adopt the Oxford pledge against war, which states: "We, students, of Brooklyn College, will not support the government of the United States in any war it may conduct."

            6. We recommend sending a letter to the Board of Higher Education asking them to call off all classes: during the demonstration.

            7. We recommend sending letters to the Bd. of Education and principals of high schools, asking them not to give examinations during the strike hour, and requesting that no disciplinary action be taken against high school students.

            8. We recommend to the Brooklyn College Association of Instructors, Tutor, and Fellows, that individual teachers, professors in Brooklyn College and other colleges, endorse and support the strike, and request that classes be called off during the demonstration.

            9. We support the program and organization of the American League against War and Fascism, The Labor Chest, The American Youth Congress, and all other organizations sincerely opposing and struggling against War and Fascism, and we suggest that the continuations committee affiliate itself with the American League.

            10. We condemn as fascist in tendency the following actions of the present United States government: the sending of youth to CCC camps; the compulsory arbitration of labor disputes; the regimentation and codification of industry which gives great power to monopoly capital; the drive against foreign born workers; and we also condemn such incipient fascist movements as those of Coughlin, Long, and the shirt organizations.

            11. We are opposed to the curtailment of academic freedom and fascist activities in colleges and universities, especially the Casa Italiana at Columbia University, and the actions of the CCNY and Hunter College administrations in the matters of the student expulsions, and the faculty curtailment of student government.

            12. We condemn the un-American activities of Hearst, such as his campaign against academic freedom; and we call upon the Nye committee to investigate the Hearst newspapers and Hearst's industrial and financial interests, and any connection they may have with fascist organizations.

            13. We actively support Senator Nye's investigation into the munitions industry, and we oppose the manufacture and shipment of munitions; and we call for the publication of the entire evidence of the committee.

            14. We demand the abolition of the ROTC, which is distinctly militaristic in character, and ask that its funds be turned over for scholarships, student aid, and free education facilities.

            15. We support the labor movement as a most strategic factor in the struggle against war, and whereas the company union is a weapon of the ruling class to break the organized labor movement, we oppose the regimentation of workers into company unions.

            16. We support the unemployed workers by demanding that all war funds be allocated to the unemployed and the passage of the Workers' Social and Unemployment Insurance Bill, HR 2827.

            17. We condemn the fascist dictatorships in various countries of Europe; and we call for the liberation of all anti-fascist prisoners.

            18. We support the boycott of the 1936 Olympics in Berlin.

            19. We support the peace policy of the Soviet Union and its call for the immediate and universal disarmament, and all other peace policies in other countries.


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