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Editorial, March 29, 1935, Page 2

United Front

            Enthusiastic motions pledging to support the April 12 anti-war strike were passed this week by both the Conference Against War and Fascism and the Student Council. , Through all their representatives in these two organizations, the students of Brooklyn College have clearly expressed their wholehearted opposition to war.

            It can scarcely be expected that the strong differences of opinion held by absolute pacifists and those who condone only class wars or defensive wars will have been ironed out by April 12, and that all who participate in the strike will be of one mind.

            Their willingness to set aside these individual and factional ifs and buts in order to present a firmly united front, however, is evidence of the sincerity behind the student movement against war.

            If some of those who leave their classes April 12 should choose to make mental reservations about a minor phase of any particular strike slogan, the effectiveness of the anti-war demonstration will not be lessened.


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