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Letter, March 2, 1934, Page 2

War Editorial Answered

To the Editor:

            The Brooklyn College Anti-War Committee is glad to see the Spotlight editorial "War Shadows" present so clearly the immediate threat of the second World War, but we are sorry you see fit to oppose the student strike on April 13.

            You say you want a "peaceful, intelligent protest." We intend the strike to be just that, and thereby an all-the.more-impressive demonstration.

            We want your help in making it peaceful and intelligent. And the task is only made harder when prejudice is aroused against the strike and the committee by the raising of a baseless red scare. It is grossly unfair to make such unfounded accusations, which can have no other result than to hamstring all anti-war work here.

            The Spotlight, which wants activity "free from factional influences," should not be the first to inject the question. We want a broad anti-war movement in this college, united in its opposition to war. The best way to insure the non-partisan and all-inclusive characters of this movement is for everybody to get into it themselves.

            . By aiding the activities of students during National Student Anti-War Week from April 6 to 13, Spotlight will be cooperating in a nationwide movement. Students all over the country are taking part in this peaceful program to outlaw war. Students in Brooklyn College, support the activities of National Student Anti-War Week!

Brooklyn College Anti-War, Committee


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