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Letter, March 2, 1934, Page 2

Menorah Aids German Refugees

To the Editor:

            Yesterday, Purim Day, marked the liberation of the Jews from the persecution of Haman, chief-adviser of Ahaseuras, King sf Persia. In rejoicing at their unexpected liberation, one fellow Jew sent the other gifts. Let us, in the spirit of Purim, help the German refugees on this day and redeem them from the Haman-like Hitler.

            Last year on May 3, 1933, we, the students of Brooklyn College raised our voices in protest at the persecution of the Jews in Germany. But we did nothing to ameliorate the condition of the oppressed. The time for concrete action has come. We must help them materially.

            Today the sale of fruit and nut products produced by the pioneers of Palestine will be continued in the three college lunchrooms. Delicious Palestine fruits are included in the sanitary Purim gift packages (minimum donation–10 cents).

            The entire proceeds are being turned over to the Jewish National Fund, which buys land in Palestine, the inalienable possession of the Jewish nation. The land being bought at present is being utilized to the fullest extent to settle German refugees.

            Palestine is the only country where the refugees have the opportunity to recreate their lives economically and spiritually. With the political situation of many of the European countries none too secure and with the recrudescence of anti-Semitism, especially since the advent of the Hitler regime, Palestine even more than ever is the only haven of light from the Orient, breaking through the dismal plight of the refugees.

            March 5, 1934, marks the anniversary of the advent of the Hitlerite regime. Let us of Brooklyn College in our own way give a rebuke to this regime by demonstrating our desire to help those who have been persecuted by it.


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