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March 8, 1935, Page 3

Discusses Conflict
Of Fascism, Jewry

            Mr. Paul A. Gipfel of the Classics department addressed the Menorah Society Wednesday, on Fascism and the Jew. He cited as Fascist axioms, Nationalism, Militarism, and Suppression of Minorities.

            He showed how these pillars of Fascism were oppressive to Jewish ideals, life, and culture. The circumstances of Jewish life, by necessity, made the Jew an internationalist, and a minority, he said.

            Mr. Gipfel also named as the characteristics of Fascism, which the Jewish people opposed, anti-intellectualism, reaction, and perpetuation of inequalities .

            The Menorah Society decided at this meeting. to present a medal to a member of overt graduating class who had done most to further good feelings between Jewish students and those of other faiths in Brooklyn College.


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