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May 10, 1935, Page 5

To Send Delegates
To Rally Against
War and Fascism

Youth Calls Conference
     To Plan Memorial Day

            The Anti-War League and the Continuations Committee of the Intercollegiate Conference against War and Fascism met at the Union Methodist Episcopal Church on Saturday, May 11, at 2 p.m.

            The conference has been called by the New York Continuations Committee of the Youth Congress, which. had its last meeting last August and had representatives from 1,700,000 young people.

            The call to the conference urges organizations and clubs to send delegates to form plans for an anti-war demonstration on Memorial Day, May 30.

            "On Memorial Day this year," the call begins, "the American people will pay their respects to those killed in past wars.

            "This year we must not permit the bankers, munition makers, and. industrialists to dig our graves while they desecrate the graves of those already dead."

            The Anti-War League also announced. its support at the NO .MORE WAR parade on May 18. The parade is being organized by many churches and peace organizations. The National Student League, the Student League for Industrial Democracy, and the Continuations Committee of the Anti-War Conference are supporting the parade.


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