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May 17, 1935, Page 1

Students Support
Mr. James Holloway

            Petitions protesting the move to oust Mr. James J. Holloway, a tutor in the Speech Department, are being circulated both by individual students and by the American Government Society, a newly formed student club.

            One of the petitions reads, "The un-American actions of the Communists at Brooklyn College are a disgrace. We protest against the attacks they are making against Mr. James J. Holloway, and we and countless others in America will uphold him to the end with all the strength at our command."

            The above petitions and the petitions circulated by the Provisional Committee for the Ouster of Mr. Holloway will be presented to President Boylan. The Provisional Committee charges Mr. Holloway with fascist activity in the last two College anti-war strikes.

            Letters sent to clubs, members of the teaching staff, and students charged that in 1934 Mr. Holloway was active "in the organization of vigilante committees whose purpose it was to assault the strikers with bricks and tomatoes."

            In 1934, as well as in this year, the committee charges, students in his classes who desired to demonstrate against war and were warned not to strike. "This year," the letter ends, "he circulated petitions against the April 12 strike."

            When asked for a statement last week, Mr. Holloway refused to make any comment on the charges against him. President Boyland refused to grant an interview to a Spotlight reporter, and Dean Mario E. Cosenza also declined to comment.

            Professor Thomas E. Coulton, acting chairman of the Speech Department, said that he had no recommendation to make public.


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