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May 18, 1934, Page 1


Dr. Wolfson and Mr. Streator
Discuss the Relation of
Fascism to Labor

            Dr. Theresa Wolfson of the Economics department and Mr. George Streator, managing editor of The Crisis, addressed an Anti-Nazi meeting called by the Current Problems Club, the Social Science Club, the Anti-War League, and the Menorah yesterday.

            The meeting was called as a counter-demonstration to the Nazi meeting at Madison Square on Thursday, May 17.

            Dr. Wolfson spoke on Fascism and Labor, pointing out that Fascism arose in Europe after an economic crisis which caused wide-spread unemployment and the pauperization of the middle class. In Germany, the fascists utilized socialist terms and ideas in order to betray the masses.

            Trade unions were eliminated in order that labor might be made defenseless. To this end the Nazis were supported financially by international bankers and financiers.

            Dr. Wolfson next discussed the seeds of fascism present in America. The strongest sign of fascism is evidenced in the NRA. Dr. Wolfson pointed out the revival of strikes in industry as a sign of labor's discontent with the NRA. Mr. George Streator emphasized the position of the oppressed minorities, especially the negroes. He claimed that America has always been half fascist and that the "south has never thrown off the feudalism of the plantation economy."

            Mr. Streator decried the lack of organization of the negroes. Nordic groups, he

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said, impose on minorities the "superior" culture which they have inherited. By alienating minority groups from each other, the ruling class can maintain its power.

            Dr. Frederick Ewen will address the Anti-War League on May 24 at 1 p..m. Elections for the executive committee will be held on Monday, May 28 at 1 p.m.


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