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May 3, 1935, Page 1


New Radical Paper
Alleges Editorship
By College Staff

Publication Expressing Program
      of Communist Party Mailed
            To All Teachers


Association of Instructors, Tutors,
      Fellows, Disclaims Knowl-
            edge of Paper

            The first issue of a four page monthly publication called Brooklyn Collage Staff, a political paper expressing the program of the Communist party, was received by all members of the faculty and instructional staffs of the College through Monday's mail. The Staff claims to be published regularly by a group of the Brooklyn College staff who comprise the Brooklyn College unit of the Communist party of America.

            A front page message to the readers states that the purpose of the paper is to acquaint Brooklyn College with the Communist position on major questions of today.

            At a meeting on Wednesday, The Association of Instructors, Fellows and Tutors of Brooklyn College passed a resolution rejecting the validity of the publication as follows:

      "Whereas, there appeared under date of May. I, 1935, a sheet known as Brooklyn College Staff, the authorship or editorship of which is nowhere revealed, purporting to be published by a group of Communists among the Brooklyn College teaching staff, and

            "Whereas, by the very use of the name "Brooklyn College Staff," and by featuring, news concerning the affairs of our association, the aforesaid sheet seeks to convey the impression that it expresses the views of Brooklyn College teachers, and more particularly of the members of our association, and

            "Whereas, it always has been and now is established policy of our organization to concern itself with professional matters only, and to avoid affiliation or identification with any political organization or party, therefore,

           " Be it resolved, that we, the members of the Association of Instructors, Tutors and Fellows of Brooklyn College, hereby repudiate the aforesaid publication. and diclaim any connection therewith or any sympathy with its views and policies."

            President Boylan, according to the New York Times, "insisted that no faculty members were connected with the publication."

            lna response to the questioning of a Spotlight reporter, Dean Adele Bildersee stated, "The document certainly does not show .correct knowledge of what has been going on in Brooklyn College. I cannot think that it is written by anyone associated with the College. There are misinterpretations and misstatements throughout. Anyone familiar with what has been happening in Brooklyn College can realize that."

            Dean Mario Cosenza's secretary told a Spotlight reporter that "The Dean does not wish to discuss that publication."

            Professor Americo Camera, secretary of the faculty and chairman of the department of Romance Languages said he did not believe the Staff representative of faculty opinion and that he does not think that the faculty or even the teachers are Communists, although he was not well acquainted with the younger members of the instructional staff. Professor Camera said further "I have no idea who may be responsible for this publication. but whoever they are, they ought to come out in the open and tell where they got the authority to put forth the paper."

            The editorial of the initial issue is entitled Why Communists and in it the editors explain the causes and justifications of their political philosophy. They declare that they had joined the Communist ranks over their employment in the College and that they are Americans whose love of country had caused them to seek the overthrow of industrial barons and financial dictators. They name themselves the "true heirs of the American Revolution of 1776." Believing that capitalism is doomed, they look to Communism to "lead the country out of its misery and into a better social order."

            In another part of the paper is a box containing a donation of Abraham Lincoln on the revolutionary right of the people


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