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May 3, 1935, Page 1

Four Girl Pickets
Put on Probation

Magistrate Revokes April 16
      Sentence of 5 Days Jail
            or 50 Dollars Fine

            Four girl students who were arrested on disorderly conduct charges for picketing Dean's Cafeteria were placed on probation for six months by Magistrate Jacob L. Eilperin of the Gates Avenue Court on April 19.

            The girls had been sentenced on April 16 to five days jail or fifty dollars fine. At the request of Samuel Puner, their attorney, Magistrate Eilperin withheld sentence because of the Passover holidays. He instructed the defendants to appear before him Friday. April 19 with their parents.

            "If they can convince me that you will not commit similar offences again, I will suspend sentence," said the magistrate. He issued a warrant for the arrest of three other girls who did not appear in court.

            The actions of the girls were denounced by Magistrate Eilperin, who declared that the striking of their names from the college rolls would he "constructive."

            After a two-hour session on Friday with Magistrate Eilperin the girls promised not to engage in any more illegal picketing, it was learned. Their fine was finally reduced to one dollar on condition that they apologize, but the students refused and were thereupon placed upon probation.

            The girls had been arrested on February 14, together with a number of other students, for picketing in front of Dean's Cafeteria, 577 Fulton Street. The police reported that they had refused to move on as ordered and had obstructed traffic.

            Magistrate Eilperin counselled the girls to keep away from labor troubles and told them their "little knowledge" was a dangerous thing.


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