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Letter to the Editor, November 10, 1933, Page 2


To the Editor:

          Semester after semester the editors of Spotlight have bemoaned the lack of "lettens to the editor." With a wealth of material all about, the Spotlight, official organ of college thought, disseminator of student opinion, finds itself without copy. With smug complacency, the paper, issue alter issue, pats Student Council and itself on the back.

          Yet the world is vibrating with sensational news. Student bodies throughout the country are tense with the realization of a challenge to the peace of the world, awareness of the shadow of war. Is our Student Council, (representative of the entire student body) is our newspaper silent on this vital issue?

          Will no attempt be made to get a statement of the position of Brooklyn College students on the question, or is it to be assumed that we are asleep to the existing conditions, asleep to the facts of a growing nationalistic doctrine which is inevitably sweeping us into war?

S. X. M.



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May 20, 2004