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November 15, 1935, Pages 1, 5

Votes Affiliation
With NSFA & AYC,
Nation-wide Groups

Council Unanimously Approves
      Federation's Purpose And
            Many Student Activities


Decides To Sponsor Drive After
      Charges of Discrimination
            Are Refuted

            Student Council unanimously voted to affiliate with the National Student Federation of America at Wednesday's meeting. By a vote of 26-3, it also decided to join the American Youth Congress.

            The National Student Federation is an organization representing the student bodies of almost one hundred fifty colleges and universities in the United States. The purpose as stated in the constitution is: "The achievement of a spirit of cooperation among the students of the United States; the consideration of questions affecting student's interests; the development of an intelligent student opinion on questions of national and international importance; the fostering of understanding among the students of the world in the furtherance of an enduring peace."

            "In working toward these ends, the Federation acts independently of any political party or religious sect."

            The Federation is the only organization of its kind in the United States.

            Sivia Friedman, chairman of the Course of Study committee summarized. briefly, the activities and organization of the American Youth Congress. "Since the American Youth Congress is the only national. youth organization in the United Stales to which we can affiliate inasmuch as the Congress is nonpolitical. non-sectarian,. and non-partisan, and. To whose program we subscribe, I move to affiliate with it."

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