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November 15, 1935, Pages 1, 3

Instructors Union
Urges Withdrawal
From Nazi Olympics

Union Against Reaction Upholds
      Move To Transfer Games To
            A Non-Fascist Country

            The Union Against Reaction, at its first open meeting this term held on October 25, went on record as opposing American participation in the Olympic games if held in Nazi Germany.

            The Union supported the move for the transference of the Olympic games to some non-fascist country stating "that the Olympic code allows for no discrimination on account of race, religion, or politics, that the Nazi government stands in violent opposition to these principles, that the German Olympics are under the direct control of the Nazi government and participation in the games under the Swastika means an implied approval of Nazism as well as moral and financial support of the Nazi regime which stands for principles that are diametrically opposed to the American idea of democracy and fair play"

            This organization, composed of about sixty teachers of the Day and Evening sessions, also passed resolutions commending the sanctions policy of the League of Nations and opposing Italy's war of aggression in Ethiopia.

            The Union, whose avowed purpose is to

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educate against and combat fascist and reactionary forces in education, has invited Professor M.L. Cox to speak on Education Faces Reaction, this Thursday. Sherwood Eddy and John T. Flynn are expected to address the group at their December and March meetings respectively. A monthly Bulletin containing a bibliography of anti-fascist literature and articles written by members will be issued this week.

            The Union Against Reaction, though not officially a Brooklyn College organization, has been offered a free room by President William A. Boylan for meeting purposes. The group corresponds to the Anti-Fascist League of C.C.N.Y., declared Dr. Harry Slochower, president of the organization.


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