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Editorial, November 15, 1935, Page 2


            We have made a great beginning. We have caused our plea for peace to resound throughout the country, we have made people realize that we are determinedly opposed to war, and that unitedly we shall strive to establish and maintain peace.

            That our efforts are being recognized can be seen from our reports in the nation's press.

            The November 9 "Literary Digest" has pointed out the significance of last Friday's nation-wide student demonstration against war in an article called "Peace Cries Resound in An Unheeding World" to which it adds "Campaign in U. S. Intensified by Student Demonstration." The fact that more than 125 colleges supported the demonstration, many of them with the permission and participation of their faculties, is stressed as an important step in the struggle for peace.

            The "New York Times," too, was impressed by the increased faculty participation in the movement against war and with the "atmosphere of seriousness and order" in the peace demonstrations as opposed to the "rowdy and light-hearted" attitude of previous years.

            Yes, we have made a great beginning. But we must remember that it is only a beginning. We must show that our interest in peace is not a sporadic outburst. Having demonstrated our desire for peace, we must show our willingness to work for it by joining in the activities of anti-war organizations both in and out of the College. "Peace Cries Resound in an Unheeding World," says a "Digest" heading. Let's change that; let's make the world sit up and take notice.


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