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November 16, 1934, Page 1


Norman Tallentire Says War
    Is Inevitable In Profit
         System Anti-War Rally

            "Under a production system for profits, war is inevitable," declared Norman Tallentire, secretary of the American League Against War and Fascism, at a rally sponsored by the Brooklyn College Anti-War League, last Friday.

            "Under a system of production for profiteering, markets are necessary," continued Mr. Tallentire. "War is caused by the struggle between nations for the control of markets; economic supremacy was the real essence of the last war. it cost $25,000 to kill each of the ten million men who died during the war," he concluded.

            Mr. Tallentire recommended Blood, Iron, and Profits by George Seldes, The Coming Struggle for Power and The Menace of Fascism by John Strachey for a complete understanding of present day conditions.

            The second half of the Armistice Day meeting, which was attended by more than one hundred and fifty students, was addressed by Miss Sylvia Fenningston of the Theatre Union. Miss Fenningston discussed the role of the theatre in an anti-war movement. She related many incidents that had occurred in the producing of Peace on Earth, an anti-war play by Paul Peters and George Sklar.

            Norman Tallentire was prevailed upon to repeat most of what he had said at the earlier meeting and to elaborate on the inseparable nature of war and Fascism.

            Beatrice Gomberg, chairman of the Anti-War League, who arranged the meeting in conjunction with thirteen clubs and the Men's division Student Council, was chairman of the second meeting.

            The assembled students, in addition to the resolution against war, against the R.O.T.C., and against the suspension of students at City College, passed a resolution condemning the suspension of five students at the University of California.

            The Anti-War League pledged itself to aid the Negro Study Forum in its Scottsboro-Herndon drive.

            Pearl Abrams and Abe Mechlowitz were elected delegates to the Regional Conference against War and Fascism called by the American League Against War and Fascism.


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