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November 16, 1934, Page 1


  College Anti -War League To Hold Protest Mass Meeting Monday

            More than one thousand students met at the flagpole on the City College campus yesterday at twelve o'clock and voted to hold a two hour strike on Tuesday from eleven to one to protest the expulsions and suspensions which resulted from the anti-Fascist demonstration on October 9.

            Dean Morton Gottschall recommended that five students be indefinitely suspended and that thirty-two be placed on probation for the rest of their college careers. The Faculty Committee on Student Affairs, however, did not accept his recommendation. They expelled twenty-one, suspended four and put twenty on probation.

            Dr. Daniel W. Redmond died from a heart attack a few minutes after the meeting.

            Letters protesting the expulsions at City College and the suppression of academic freedom will be sent to President Frederick B. Robinson of City College and Mr. Mark Eisner of the Board of Higher Education by the Brooklyn College Anti-War League.

            A mass meeting at which student and faculty speakers will protest on behalf of the expelled students will be held Monday, from one to two o'clock. Wednesday, November 28, is the date set for another mass meeting at which outside speakers will discuss the City College situation.

            A resolution urging the Student Councils of both divisions to discontinue the collection of Red Cross funds until an answer to the charges appearing in the November issue of the American Mercury is received, was passed by the Anti-War League at its meeting Wednesday.


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