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November 16, 1934, Page 3


Fifty Students Of Government Invited By Dr. Warsoff Attend Peace Meeting

            Students of various government classes, at the invitation of Dr. Louis A. Warsoff, attended a convention to discuss peace stabilization last Wednesday afternoon, November 7, at the Hotel Astor.

            Raymond B. Fosdick, president of the League of Nations Association, stressed the importance of the League for all organizations working for peace.

            Russia, more than any other nation today, is endeavoring to maintain the status quo said Dr. Stephen P. Duggan, director of the Institute of International Education. Russia desires peace because she wants time to develop her economic policies. She is willing to cooperate with all organizations for peace, and considers the League the greatest weapon for peace.

            James T. Shotwell, professor of history at Columbia University, stated that "peace is the problem of political investigation to-day." The first duty of the United States is to join the League and then to concentrate in building up social and economic justice at home.


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