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November 1, 1935, Pages 1, 3, 5

President Boylan to Dismiss All Classes
      November 8 From Eleven to Twelve o'clock
            During Nationwide Peace Mobilization

Organizations In Both Divisions
Form Committee To Arrange-


Students Will Mass in Front of
      Buildings; To Form in
            Parade Formation

            President William A. Boylan is calling off classes at eleven o'clock next Friday, at which time the student-faculty peace demonslration will be held.

            In a statement given to Ida Schwalbcrg, editor of Spotlight, on Wednesday, President Boylan said,

            "I will issue instructions that all classes be discontinued on November 8 between the hours of 11 and 12 in order to give the students the opportunity to express themselves in favor of world peace.

            "I am sure that the gathering of student, will be marked by temperance of statement and by orderly conduct of such a nature as to reflect credit on the student body of the College."

The president then added,

            "It is understood that the granting of this permission is not to be deemed any way as a approval or disapproval by the Faculty, the President, and the Administrative Committee of Brooklyn College of the controversial questtion involved in the student mobilization for peace."

            Organizations in the Men's and Women's divisions have formed a Peace Mobilization committee to arrange the eleven o'clock demonstration. This committee, elected at a meeting where representatives from the Men's and Women's Student Councils and newspapers, the Athletic Association, and nineteen clubs, fraternities, and sororities were present, is asking for the support of the Administration and teaching bodies of the College in order to make the peace movement a student-faculty mobilization.

            At 11:00 a.m. next Friday students will meet in front of each building in parade formation. A. march will proceed to Borough Hall, where the Brooklyn College group will be joined by students from Seth Low College and Long Island University.

            Members of the faculty and student body are scheduled to speak. Among the student speakers are Al Ehrlich, president of the Men's Student Council, Ida Schwalberg, editor of Spotlight, Christian Jonassen of the Student Christian Association, and representatives from the National Student League and the Student League for Industrial Democracy.

            Eli Jaffe, who presided at the peace mobilization conference Monday, stressed the fact that Friday's demonstration will be a student-faculty movement against over. Letters have been sent by the committee to the Faculty and the Association of Instructors, Tutors, and Fellows, asking them to endorse the demonstration.

            The mobilization is being planned according to the principles set down in the. Armistice Day Proclamation formulated by the national organizations which form the National Committee for Student Mobilization for Peace. The declaration states that the present crisis challenges students on four vital points:

       1–"to support by every means at our disposal genuine neutrality legislation to prevent entanglement of the United States in war–no leans, credits munitions or secondary war materials to belligerents;

      2–"to work for the demilitarization of our colleges and schools especially by assuring the passage of the Nye-Kvale Bill to make the R.O.T.C. optional instead of compulsory;

      3–"to insist on opportunities in the curriculum and out for relating our education to these crucial problems;

      4–"to refuse to support the government of the United States in any war it may undertake."

            That the present mobilization is truly representative of every form of student opinion and activity was pointed out by the steering committee in announcing the organizations which had been represented at the peace conference Monday. They are: Spotlight, Pioneer, the Men's and Women's Student Councils, the Current Problems club, the Student Christian Association, the Journalism club, the Social Science club, the Art club, the Choir, the Classical club, Omega Phi Sorority. the Anti-War League, the Men's Athletic Association, the Movie Society, and Potpourri.

            The national organizations which have issued the Armistice Day proclamation are the national Student Federation of America, the Young Men's Christian Association, the Young Women's Christian Association, the Student League for Industrial Democracy, the National Student League, the Committee on Militarism in Education, the American League Against War and Fascism, the Interseminary Movement, the American Youth Congress, and the Intercollegiate Council.


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