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November 1, 1935, Page 1


            Supporting the movement which is being organized by students throughout the country for a peace mobilization to commemorate Armistice, leaders in both the political and scholastic fields arc voicing their approval of the November 8 demonstration.

            Aldermanic President Bernard S. Deutsch, when interviewed concerning his support of the peace mobilization told Robert A. Klein, president of the Washington Square Day Organization, "I am willing to back you as far as you may go!"

            Dean Loomis of the Washington Square College, when asked whether he would join the students in n demonstration for peace voiced a dramatic consent by saying,"I have two sons of my own.."

            Chancellor Harry Woodburn Chase of New York University has sent a notice to every school on the campus urging all heads of departments to call off classes next Friday al eleven o'clock, in order to help the peace mobilization and to signify the administration's desire to aid the students in campaigning for the establishment and maintaining of peace.

            President Frederick R. Robinson of City College is dismissing all classes on November 8 at 11.00 arts to permit the mobilization for peace to be a united and effective one. He has also announced that he, as President of City College, will lead the peace mobilization in the Great Hall of the College.


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