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November 1, 1935, Page 1

Mr. S. Van Nichols
To Speak On Peace

            Mr. S. Van B. Nichols, Chairman of the Association of the League of Nations, and recognized as an authority on international relations, will speak on Peace at the Freshman Chapel Wednesday at the Church of the Pilgrims, Henry and Remsen Streets.

            Mr. Nichol is an active member of many organizations devoted to making articulate a strong international sentiment in the United States.

            A warm friend of the Japanese people, Mr. Nichols has thrown his full influence toward a better understanding of the problems of the Pacific, and is active in The Pilgrimage to Japan Committee, the Japan Society, and was New York Chairman and a director of St. Luke's Hospital, Tokyo.

            The attendance of the freshmen will be recorded. Doors will close at 12:40 p.m.


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