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November 1, 1935, Page 4


Professor Haessler
Denies Club Right
To Vote On Peace

Said Club Should Be Disbanded
      If Vote Was Taken On
            Peace Mobilization

            Declaring that the German club would be disbanded if any vote or discussion of next Friday's peace mobilization was held, Professor Luise Haessler, chairman of the German department forbade the members to vote or discuss the matter at the meeting Wednesday.

            Professor Haessler said that she "represents Brooklyn College in the German department" and that "students should obey the regulations of this city institution. No student has the right to hold such meetings and make resolutions–you are not dictators. You may not vote on this matter at all and if you attempt to do so I shall immediately dissolve the chub."

            When one student suggested that since the administration at City College had set aside an hour for the mobilization, President Boylan might do so also if approached by the students, Professor Haessler stated that ''students should have the courtesy to wait for the President to act."

            Sophie Prombaum, president of the German Club, said that she thinks "students may initiate a movement for such a vital cause as world peace without being accused of discourtesy or infringement of the laws of the college or city, especially since in. this present peace mobilization most of the authorities are with us, and also considering the favorable attitude of President Roosevelt and Secretary of State Cordell Hull. This divergence of opinion between Professor Haessler and the students should be taken up by both sides and clarified to prevent future misundrstandings."

            The main feature of the regular program was a talk by Dorothy Zaconick a mcmber of the club, on her experiences in Vienna at the time of the outbreak of fascist terror in 1931. As a student of puppetry, mingling with the intelligentsia of the city, Miss Zaconick met many of the victims of Dolfuss s persecution and witnessed the estruction of the "beautiful communal homes of the workers."

            As a benefit for the Austrian refuges a puppet play, Mickey Mouse in Vienna, will be staged by the German club and the Masquers in December.

            A theatre party to "Die Mausefalle," a musical revue produced by :m affiliate of the New Theatre League, will be held by the German club November 17. Tickets priced at thirty-five cents each, may he secured by communicating through locker 907C.


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