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November 1, 1935, Page 5

Students Express
Political Opinions
In Newspaper Poll

Straw Vote Shows Preference
      For Democratic and Com-
            munistic Parties

            976 students cast ballots Wednesday in the Straw vote conducted by Spotlightl and Pioneer to determine the sentiment of the student body as regards the coming municipal elections. Students were asked to check one of the four major political parties listed, whose program they endorsed. These questions pertaining to municipal government also appeared on the ballots.

            The Democratic party program led by 59 more votes than its closest rival, the Communist party. Several students refused to indicate any choice of party because they "could not be limited to the platform of any one political group." There was also one cote cast for the Fascist ticket and one for the Progressive-Prohibitionist party.

            The votes for the parties were as follows:




Republican____________ 91

            The questions and their answers follow:

Are You in favor of the city sales tax?       Yes, 196       No, 780

Are you in favor of a municipal power plant?       Yes, 860       No, 90

World you vote for James Walker for a public office?       Yes, 65       No, 902


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