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November 22, 1935, Pages 1, 3


Bill, Sponsored By A.Y.C., Will
      Be Introduced In Congress
            In January, 1936


Council Establishes Committee
      To Conduct Drive Against
            German Olympics

            Student Council voted unanimously Wednesday to support the American Youth Act which proposes student participation in NYA administrative boards.

            The American Youth Act which will be introduced into Congress in January provides for an administrative board including members of youth organizations, delegates of organized labor, and representatives of social service, education or consumer's organizations.

            As stated in the text of the bill, the Act provides for the "immediate establishment of a system of regular employment on college projects for the purpose of providing regular wages for needy undergraduate and graduate students in colleges." "Regular wages ... shall in no case be less than $25 per month" for college students.

            If the NYA fund is insufficient for the purposes of the act, the law declares that "further taxation shall be levied on inheritances, gifts and individual corporation incomes of $5,000 a year or more."

            The bill has received the approval of many youth organizations.

            Council also elected a committee to call a rally of NYA workers in order to secure student membership in an NYA administrative board for the College. The situation at City College where fourteen students are on the NYA board was cited as a successful

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example of student participation in NYA affairs.

            The members of the committee are : Alice Fischer, Martha Grinberg, Naomi Kane, Harriet Kaplan, Julienne Marder, Bernice Sommer, and Beatrice Turetsky.

            Council elected Louise Brown, Alice Fischer, Pauline Sherman and Bernice Sommer to conduct a drive against holding the Olympics in Germany, and to secure publicly material from the Anti-Nazi Federation. Booths will be set up in prominent places in the college where students will be able to sign petitions protesting the German Olympics.

            Myra Levine, treasurer of Student Council, reported on the progress of the Constitution committee. Several changes and compromises to make amalgamation with the Men's Division possible next term were suggested. The committee advised that the office of assistant vice-president be discontinued; that only the Council representatives of every class be Council members; that several committee chairmen be chosen from the class representatives rather than from the general student today.


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