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November 22, 1935, Page 1

Instructors Union
Publishes Bulletin
On Current Events

Teachers, "Lovers of Culture,"
    &nbspDecry the Effect of Fascism
         On Academic Thought


Article Cites Reasons For Advo-
    &nbspcating Removal of Games To
         &nbspNon-Fascist Country

         The first issue of "U.A.R. Record," bulletin of the Union Against Reaction, which is composed of the day and evening teachers of Brooklyn College, was received by the entire college staff in their mail Tuesday.

         Viewing with alarm the dismissal of students and teachers for anti-war activity, the curtailment of educational facilities, and the suppression of civil right and academic freedom, the Union pledges itself to "actively assist the forces fighting such reactionary Fascist movements."

"The Union Against Reaction is composed of teachers who are lovers of culture," declares the bulletin, "and as teachers they know well that Fascism deals none too tenderly with academic aloofness or disinterested research, and that it does not spare even scientists, mathematicians or technicians."

          An article on the 1936 Olympics enumerates the reasons for the Union's advocation of the removal of the games to a non-fascist country, The disqualification of the Protestant winning team in July of 1 this year because they "did not sufficiently understand the National Socialist Ideology," the plastering of the Central Berlin Municipal bath with signs reading "Jews are not wanted," and the fact that Theodor Lewald, head of the German Olympic committee has no authority to have these signs removed for the official games (indicate that the Olympic games will be used by Hitler for the furtherance of Nazi ideology) it stated. Asserting that teachers as well as athletes are involved in the Olympic question, the article concluded by declaring, "In the fight against fascism there can be no non-combatants."

         Dr. Bernard D. N. Grebanier of the English department, reviews Sinclair Lewis' book, "It Can't Happen Here," He praises it as a sincere attack upon Fascist movements in the United States. A bibliographical guide to the pamphlets, novels and plays recently published against fascism and a humorous "Handbook for Reactionaries" are included in the bulletin.


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