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Editorial, November 22, 1935, Page 2


            The significance of the newly organized Union Against Reaction in the present educational world cannot he overestimated.

            The formation of this group is conclusive evidence of our teachers' realization that they are a part of society and not apart from it. It shows that suppression of freedom will not be tolerated by the thinking world, whether it be in the academic or the political spheres.

            The members of this Union, who describe themselves as "lovers of culture," recognize the fact that culture and Fascism cannot exist side by side, for Fascism suppresses all expression of individualism and so necessarily impedes original creation. Forseeing the dire effects which retrenchment and the barring of freedom of opinion will have on education, they are uniting to resist reactionary forces.

            The Union has made an outstanding beginning. It deserves the support of every liberal person,


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