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November 22, 1935, Page 3

History Club Hears
Dr, Jesse Clarkson
Lecture On Fascism

Asserts Italy Is Used To Brutal
      Rule And Has Never Known
            Liberal Government

             Fascism is an outgrowth of Italy's inferiority complex," declared Professor Jesse Clarkson of the History department, at the History Club meeting Wednesday.

            The speaker contended that Italy is only a poor nation; it has never been powerful, and so it tries to increase its importance. "Poor people must see themselves bigger than they are," he declared, expressing the belief that as Italy becomes economically powerful she will tend toward a more liberal capitalistic society.

            Tyrannical rule is not new in Italy, the professor continued. He quoted various statements to show that since the beginning of the nineteenth century, one despot after another has secured control of the Italian government and suppression of personal liberties of political enemies, and of labor organisations has always resulted.

            In discussing the factors causing dictatorship, Professor. Clarkson stated that some people blame the World War for the reaction against liberalism but that is not the sole reason. "We must look deeper into underlying economic causes.. Capitalism is declining and capitalists are seeking to seize by force the power that is slipping from them because of the weakening of capitalism," he asserted. The speaker also remarked that with the elevation and improvement of the position of the capitalist class there is an accompanying material elevation of the working class at the expense of the middle classes.

            In conclusion the speaker maintained that fascism is vastly overrated, that it is just one phase of the condition in modern society known as regimentation.


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