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November 23, 1934, Page 1


Expelled CCNY Students
     Address Mass Meeting
           On Campus

            Four thousand students rallied to the strike protesting the C.C.N.Y. explusions [sic] which was called by the National Student League and the Student League for Industrial Democracy, it was estimated by the City College Strike committee.

.             The mass meeting was held around the flagpole. Morris Milgrim, an expelled student, was chairman. Among the speakers, chiefly expelled students, were Waldo McNutt, chairman of the First American Youth Congress, a member of the ROTC. and Joseph Cohen, executive secretary of the National Student League.

            Edwin Alexander, expelled Student Council Leader, discussing the accomplishments of President Frederick B. Robinson, declared that the President had learned to play the 'cello in six months, had learned to paint and etch during the summer. He had flown over Germany, and when at a height of 15,000 feet had declared that everything looked fine. And in addition, Alexander declared, no college president wrote articles for True Story, editorials for the American, or used his umbrella to protect ladies. And finally, no college president ever expelled twenty-one students at one time.

            An effigy of President Robinson. with two heads, one of Mussolini and one of President Robinson with a copy of True Story and an umbrella under his arm, was burnt. Amid shouts of "Watch Robbie Burn," a line of students marched to Jasper oval where the effigy was burnt. Only Mussolini's head remained. This was explained by the chairman who said that it would take more than students to eliminate Mussolini.

            The demands of the students arc:
            1. Reinstatement of the twenty-one expelled students and lifting of the suspensions and probations of thirty-four others.
            2. Reinstatement of the Student Council.
            3. Ousting of President Robinson.

            Approximately fifty Brooklyn College students were present at the meeting.


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