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Novemer 23, 1934, Page 1


Letter Asks Reconsideration;
    Suggests Amelioration
        Of Heavy Penalty

            Since the letter to President Frederick B. Robinson and Dean Morton Gottschall , of C.C.N.Y. asking for an open trial with counsel defense for the students concerned in the anti-Fascist demonstration was not sent out by November 21. A committee was appointed at the Student Council meeting Wednesday to reexpress the sentiments of Council in a letter more in accord with recents events.

            This committee consists of Harriet Ulman, chairman of Student Loan; Sylvia Wener, vice-president of Student Council; and Rosalind Satenspiel, upper junior representative.

            In the letter drawn up by the committee yesterday, Council requests the C.C. N. Y. faculty to reconsider and perhaps ameliorate the penalty imposed on the students concerned in the anti-fascist demonstration.

            Discussion then centered about the problem of sending two delegates to the Negro Study Forum, which is to discuss a line of action in the Scottsboro case. Since no delegates had been sent to the Anti-War meeting because it was a club under Council's jurisdiction, it was felt this same ruling applied to the Negro Study Forum. Helen Friedland. president of Student Council, pointed out that the delegates to the Negro Study Forum meeting would not have any vote. It was decided to send two delegates to the meeting.

            A constitutional committee, to revise and reword sections of the constitution was appointed by Student Council. It consists of Jean Cassel, lower senior representative; Ruth Katz, president of the lower junior class; and Shia Freedman, chairman of course of study.

            The election committee, which is to prepare a new electoral system, consists of Adele Towbin, sophomore class president; Marjorie Sprake, assistant treasurer; Cora Schleider, assistant Bice-president; and Ethel Drexler, chairman of classification.


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