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November 23, 1934, Page 2


`Princetonian' Declares Hearst's
     Defense Of Nationalism
          Avoids The Issue

            Mr. William Randolph Hearst has replied to the open letter sent him by the Association of College Editors, which was reprinted by more than six hundred college newspapers, including Spotlight, immediately before Armistice Day.

            In answer to the challenge that he defend his nationalistic views, Mr. Hearst said, "I believe in sustained efforts to disarm, but I do not believe that a right and envied country like our own should place itself in the position of a shortsighted and misguided nation like China, and leave itself open to attack and exploitation by other nations which are ambitious, unscroupulous and armed."

            He continued "I personally believe in nationalism and internationalism, each in its proper place. I believe in loving my neighbor as myself, but I have not yet reached the point where I am ready to sell all I have and give every precious personal and national possession to covetous neighboring nations who desire them, but do not deserve them."

            "I believe in benefitting all the people of the earth whenever and wherever we can do so without sacrificing the interests of our own people. I believe in peace and in all sane efforts to promote peace at honk and abroad among nations, but particutarly at home."

            An editorial that appeared in yesterday's Princetonian accuses Mr. Hearst of avoidiing the issues, and not answering a single fundamental issue in the letter. ''For our humble part," it says "we hate the system that Hearst upholds and hope with all the fervor of which we are capable that those whom Hearst does not sway will some day smite the system such a terrible blow as to leave nationalism and competitive armament only a bitter and nauseating memory."


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