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Editorial, November 23, 1934, Page 2


            William Randolph Hearst's attempt to defend his political philosophy can serve only as a stimulus for increased activity against the militaristic nationalism he advocates.

            Swaying vast audiences of newspaper readers with apt slogans and well-turned phrases has become a habit with Mr. Hearst by now.

            This time, however, his audience is composed of the readers of six-hundred college newspapers in the United States and Canada. This time, therefore, the situation is different.

            College students of today are learning to search for facts before making decisions. They have found .evidence in their studies of past and current world history that nationalism leads directly to war. The letter to the Association of College Editors reveals that Mr. Hearst, one of the world's strongest proponents of nationalism, cannot deny this fact.

            Thousands of students will read Mr. Hearst's defense of nationalism, and very few will overlook its real significance as pro-war propaganda. For thousands of students engaged in anti-war activities, Mr. Hearst's letter will serve only as a source of new enthusiasm in their quest for world neace.


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