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November 29, 1933, Pages 1, 4



       Under the auspices of the Social Science Club, a preliminary meeting of delegates from student organizations was held in room 48P Monday at one o'clock, in order to lay plans for a peace conference. The purpose of the convention is to point out the dangers of war and educate the student body to them.

       An arrangements committee consisting of Henry Aron, Theodore Draper, Adele Brown, Gussie Handlin was chosen to formulate plans for the anti-war conference on December 15 and 16, at which speakers representing the liberal, socialist and communistic points of view will address the student body.

       The student activities represented were Student Council, Spotlight, Social Science Club, Music Club, History Club, Education Club, Chess Club, Math Club, Philosophy Club, Menorah, Newman, German Club, Psychology Club. There will be another meeting of the delegates on Tuesday, December 5, in order to discuss plans further. Many Metropolitan colleges, among them New York University, Columbia, Seth Low have undertaken similar projects.

       The student's part in war will be a subject of discussion at the Metropolitan Intercollegiate Association meeting to be held on Friday at the Bronx Building of Hunter College.


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