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November 2, 1934, Page 1


Approve Resolution Advocating
  Wood-Harmon Site Purchase
    For Brooklyn College

           The establishment of tuition fees in the three city colleges and the purchase of a new site for Brooklyn College were the main provisions of a report submitted to each member of the Board of Estimate and Apportionment and the Board of Higher Education by the Special Committee on Free Higher Education of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce.

           Taking into consideration the straitened financial conditions of the city, the committee recommended that "a fair and equitable" tuition fee be charged. The present cost of maintenance per capita, of Brooklyn College students is $99.00 a year, as compared to $148.16 for Hunter College students and $95.58 for City College students, rentals and interest charges not considered. The proposed tuition fees would be sufficient only to cover student expenses and would not be expected to cover overhead cost. Anticipating the potential inability of many students to pay tuition fees, the report provided for scholarships to be awarded to deserving students on the basis of merit and ability.

           This resolution does not mention whether these scholarships are to be limited or unlimited in number.

           In regard to the choice of a site for the college, the committee approved of the action taken by the Civic Council of Brooklyn and the resolution adopted by the Board of Higher Education urging the acquisition of the Wood-Harmon site.

           The Civic Council of Brooklyn favors this site as an ideal one for Brooklyn College because it is conveniently situated in the heart of Brooklyn.

           The committee was composed of men prominent in educational, industrial, and legal circles. Its report was approved by the Board of Directors of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce September 17, 1934.


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