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November 7, 1935, Pages 1, 3


To Mobilize In Two Contingents
    In MarchTo Borough Hall Park;
        President Boylan Dismisses Classes


            In accordance with President William A. Boylan's proclamation, all classes will be closed tomorrow at 11 o'clock while students and faculty members of Brooklyn College mobilize at Borough Hall in a mass demonstration against war. Sponsored by the broadest united front ever established in the college, the mobilization is expected to enlist the support of more than 5,000 students and faculty members.

            President Boylan's statement that classes discontinued tomorrow between the hours of 11 and 12 "for the purpose of permitting students to demonstrate in a becoming manner in favor of world peace" has been commended by the Association of Instructors, Tutors and Fellows, which will be rpresented at the mobilization by Mr. Francis P. Kilcoyne, president of the Association. Student organizations endorsing the mobilization include both men's and. women's Student Councils, Spotlight and Pioneer, and about thirty extra-curricular activities.

            At 10:45 a.m., the end of the second period, students will form a line of march in front of the College buildings. There will he two contingents. The first, composed of students coming from Pearl, Lawrence and Willoughby, will march down Pearl Street to Tillary Street, then turn left and go down Fulton to Borough Hall. The second contingent will be composed of students from the Court and Joralemon building. Demonstrators from C o u r t Street will march down Livingston Street, turning right on Clinton Street. There they will Ice joined by the Joralemon groups, and the entire contingent will continue down Clinton to Fulton Street, which leads into Borourgh Hall.

            During the march the following slogans will be chanted:

Schools, not battleships!
No compulsory ROTC!
Mobilize against war!
Hands off Ethiopia!
Educate against war!

            Although President Boylan has expressed a desire that the college not join with any other institution in the mobilization, representatives from the Student Council and newspaper of Seth Low junior College have been conferring with the Brooklyn College mobilization committee. Both Seth Low and Long Island University will join the mobilization in Borough Hall.

            The speakers at the demonstration include Mr. Francis P. Kilcoyne, representing the Association of Instructors, Tutors and Fellows, Al Ehrlich, Men's Student Council, Christian Jonaessen, Student. Christian Association, Leo Rifkin, National Student League and a speaker from the Student league for Industrial Democracy. There will also be a faculty and student speaker from Seth Low. Eli Jaffe, editor of Pioneer, will be chairman of the demonstration. The meeting will be opened by a two minute silence period after which taps will be blown,

            The Oxford pledge, although one of the basic planks of the National Mobilization committee, will not be administered at the demonstration as it was last year. This concession has been granted by the Brooklyn Mobilization committee in order to keep the cooperation of President Boylan, the Student Christian Association, and Men's Student Council, who objected to the pledge, which declares "I refuse to support the government of the United Stales in any war it may undertake."

            A leaflet, to be issued by the Peace Mobilization committee, will include statements from all supporting organizations clarifying their position on the mobilization.


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