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November 7, 1935, Page 1

Mr. Thomas Neblett
Addresses Council
On N.S.F.A. History

President of National Student
      Federation of America Lists
            Benefits of Membership


Secretary Instructed to Study
      And Report on Constitution
            Of the Organization

            Outlining the origin and purposes of the National Student Federation of America, Mr. Thomas Fair Neblett, president of that organization, addressed Student Council at its meeting yesterday. The Student Council is considering affiliation with the N.S. F.A. and has delegated Ruth Halpern, secretary, to report on the constitution of the organization at the next meeting.

            Mr. Neblett stated that in 1925, delegates from 245 colleges met at Princeton to discuss the entrance of the United States into the World Court. Realizing that the problems of all Campuses are related, these colleges formed the Intercollegiate Student Government Association, to "break the isolation of individual college problems."

            The N.S.F:A., an outgrowth of the older group, has been very active in securing federal youth service, Mr. Neblett continued. Students associated with the N.S. P. are on the Planning Board of the N Y.A.; the establishment of C.C.C. camps was proposed to the government by the Federation..

            When asked to name the benefits Brooklyn College would derive from membership, Mr. Neblett cited "intelligent student opinion, news releases, participation in congresses, and aiding in the publication of the organization magazine."

            At the Council meeting, a motion was; passed to table the discussion on holding a Red Cross Drive until Council members had more information.


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