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Editorial, November 7, 1935, Page 1

Mobilize For Peace

            Tomorrow at 10:45 a.m. students of Brooklyn College will join students throughout the country in a mobilization for peace.

            Leaving the lecture and study rooms, they will hold a parade and rally at Borough Hall, where they will voice their aversion to war and their support of all genuine action for the establishment and maintenance of peace.

            In this united demonstration students of every form of religious and political opinion will join against a common enemy, WAR. The universality of the peace movement can be seen from the widely varying characters of the national organizations supporting the mobilization. This universality is also demonstrated by the fact that those who do not approve of the Oxford Pledge and those who disapprove only of imperialist war are uniting tomorrow, disregarding all minor differences in the realization that the establishment of peace is the concern of all.

            It is necessary, however, for the students to remember that tomorrow's mobilization must be effective, not because of its emotional appeal, but because of its determination and understanding. We must keep the demonstration orderly so that we may gain the good-will of the press and the public. We must show that we do not think we are out on a lark; we are serious and determined men and women combining to strive for peace.

            Students must also remember that tomorrow's demonstration does not establish peace, but rather, shows the vital need for working for it. We must prove our desire for peace by joining those organizations striving for it. We must study the present situation and base our opinions on concrete facts and not on propaganda. Only then will we be able to act intelligently for the establishment of peace. Only then will we be able to prove that we are not childishly emotional or hysterically vociferous.

            We should not only support tomorrow's mobilization for peace, but all those activities for peace which will continue "tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow," both in and out of College. Tomorrow's demonstration should act as an impetus to the peace movement, not as its culmination.


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