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November 7, 1935, Pages 1, 3

Mr. S. Van Nichols
Lectures On Peace

       Declaring that political isolation impossible today, Sir S. B. Van Nichols, chairman of the Association of the League of Nations, advocated American entrance into the League in his address on "Peace" at the second Freshman chapel yesterday.

       Addressing his remarks to the "thinking youth of America today," the speaker stressed the necessity of "breaking the United Slates away from provincialism." Towards that end, the Association of the League of Nations has introduced into the U. S. Senate, a resolution providing for United Stales membership in the League.

       As regards the immediate world condition of aggravated nationalism, Mr. Nichols believes the League to be a "practical organization that also acts as a sounding-board of international opinion." He continued, "Sometimes ideals of one decade the solutions of another. At the time of its inception, the League was regarded as an impractical sentimentality. Today it is a concrete means of averting the vast stupidity of war."

       Mr. Nichols cited as an example of the League's progress, the present application of economic pressure to Italy, an action the League was not strong enough to sustain in 1932, when Japan invaded Manchuria.

       "The world therefore looks to youth, not patronizingly as former generations have done, but hopefully because youth controls the world's destiny," concluded Mr. Nichols.

       President William A. Boylan concluded the assembly with a reference to tomorrow's Peace mobilization which he called "an experiment to test t he students' sincerity and sense of responsibility."


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