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Editorial, November 7, 1935, Page 2


            The need for united student action for the maintenance of academic freedom, the establishment of world peace, and an intelligent participation in world affairs has been stressed by numerous organizations in the College. But these organizations can accomplish very little without coordinating their efforts on a national scale.

            There is an organization, however, which exists solely for the purpose of uniting student movements throughout the country. It is the National Student Federation of America, a group representing the student bodies of almost a hundred fifty accredited colleges and universities of the United States. The Executive Committee maintains a permanent central office to promote varied projects for youth.

            The Federation has as its purpose: "The achievement of a spirit of cooperation among the students of the United States; the consideration of questions affecting student's interests; the development of an intelligent student opinion on questions of national and international importance; the fostering of understanding among the students of the world in the furtherance of an' enduring peace."

            "In working toward these ends the Federation acts independently of any political party or religious sect."

            For ten years the NFSA has functioned as the national intercollegiate student association. Its activities have been endorsed by educational leaders throughout the country, Dr. Henry N. Mac-Cracken, President of Vassar College, has said,

            "The National Student Federation of America is the only student organization which attempts to represent the whole life of the American college students. As such, it fulfills a most useful and important task."

            Dr. Harry Woodburn Chase, Chancellor of New York University, considers that the Federation is an important influence in sanely interesting students in general problems of college and contemporary life," and thinks it is "doing an excellent work."

            Surely it is unnecessary to stress the need for Brooklyn College to join the Federation. The existing economic chaos has shown the necessity for greater assistance and guidance of young people Throughout the country young people have mobilized for thought expression and for action to meet the challenges they face. Brooklyn College participating in student movements everywhere must unite with other colleges in order to give significance to its activities.

            Student Council is to vote on the College's membership in the Federation Wednesday. There it only one way Council can vote.


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