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November 9, 1934, Page 1


Anti-War League and 13 Clubs
         Sponsor Mass Meeting
                   In 307J At Noon

           The Anti-War League has issued a call to all students, inviting them to attend a monster rally at noon today in 307J on the occasion of the sixteenth anniversary of Armistice Day.

           "Your attendance," says Beatrice Gomberg, chairman of the Brooklyn College Anti-War League, "will affirm student opposition to jingoism and help us organize an effective fight against war and Fascism."

           Norman Tallentire, secretary of the American League Against War and Fascism, James Lerner, National Chairman of the Youth Section of the American League Against War and Fascism, Sylvia Fanningston of the Executive Board of the Theatre Union, and Joseph Cohen, Executive Secretary of the National Student League will speak. The meeting is scheduled from twelve to two to enable everyone to attend.

           The Men's division Student Council and thirteen other college organizations including Mathematics, Social Science, Current Problems; History, Negro Study Forum, Fencing, Menorah, German, Philosophy, Music Psychology, Classical, and Spanish clubs have expressed their willingness to cooperate with the Anti-War League.

           According to Miss Gomberg, rallies of this sort are being held in schools and universities throughout the nation. Students the world over are pledging themselves not to be swept into a second World War, she declared.

           The National Student League and the Student League for Industrial Democracy, unchartered groups of Brooklyn College Students, are demonstrating their aversion to imperialist war at Columbus Circle at eight p.m. tonight. A torchlight parade to the Eternal Light will then take place. There the entire assemblage will take the Oxford Oath–pledging itself not to support the United States Government in any war it may conduct.


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