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October 19, 1933, Page1


President Roosevelt, Other
     Prominent Men Support
          Club Meeting Tomorrow

          Growing dissatisfied with the lack of interest that the American Youth has shown in national affairs a group of young university men and women have effected definite plans for a new progressive youth movement. These plans have resulted in the founding of the Archons, who hold an important meeting tomorrow at 8:15 p.m. at the Hecksher Foundation, 1 East 104th Street.

Aims Stated

          Organized to further youth's participation in the affairs of national, state and municipal government; to deal with matters and questions looking toward the benefit of the American Youth; to formulate a mutual understanding among the youth of the country against war, as an expedient in settling international conflicts; and to labor for the advancement of Youth's aspirations with respect to the establishment of an enlightened future electorate, the Archons are seeking the cooperation of all of Young America between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four, regardless of race, creed, color or sex.

          "Trusting to secure a greater American democracy," the Archons state in the preamble to their constitution: "we solemnly resolve to unite and combine our mental, moral, and physical training in order that we may promulgate our youthful, sincere and unyielding patriotism and devotion for the established principles of our glorious nation."

Statesmen Endorse Group

          Many men prominent in the country's affairs have extended their support and endorsement, to the movement. Outstanding among them are President Roosevelt, Vice-president Garner, Chief-Justice of Supreme Court Hughes, Speaker Rainey, Minority Leader of the House Snell, as well as numerous others.

College Invited

          An invitation to attend tomorrow's meeting has been extended to all interested college students. Admission is free. College authorities throughout the country have suggested that students give their active support to the organization. Students of Brooklyn College have been extended an invitation by S. Momrod Lewiston, the founder of the organization.


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