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October 19, 1934, Pages 1, 3

Two Hundred Hold
Meeting to Protest
CCNY Suspensions

Adopt Resolutions Demanding
      Reinstatement of Students, 
           Ousting of Pres. Robinson

           Two hundred Brooklyn College students attended a meeting on Wednesday to protest the suspension or debarrment from classes of sixteen City College students for their part in the anti-fascist demonstration on October 9. The Brooklyn College meeting was called by the National Student League and the Student League for Industrial Democracy, organizations not officially recognized by Student Council.

           Morris Milgram, a debarred student, urged the students to support the student body of City College in its struggle to reinstate the suspended students and to oust President Frederick Robinson.

           The assembled students passed unanimously the following resolution:

           "Be it hereby resolved that we, students of Brooklyn College, in mass meeting assembled, do strongly condemn the action of the City College administration in regard to the suppression of the anti-fascist students, and demand that the sixteen suspended students and the Student Council be immediately reinstated, and that the freshman vigilante committee be dissolved and that the proposed investigation of the student newspapers, Student and Campus immediately be dropped."

           The meeting also passed a resolution calling for the ousting of President Robinson

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because we as Brooklyn College students see in the actions of President Robinson incipient Fascism, which may spread throughout American colleges; we demand that the Board of, Higher Education oust President Robinson."

           A mock trial of President Robinson will he held on Friday, October 10, at Weber Hall, 119 East Eleventh Street, at eight p.m. The trial is under the auspices of the National Student League and the plaintiffs are Edwin Alexander, suspended City College student, Ruth Rosenthal, a Hunter student and Herbert George Loddies, expelled from Wagner College in Staten Island for anti-fascist activity. Joseph Starobin, expelled from City College in May, 1933, because of the Jingo Day demonstration, will be prosecuting attorney and Theodore Draper, editor of the Student Review, will sum up for the defense. The presiding judge will be Donald Henderson, expelled instructor from Columbia University.


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