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October 20, 1932, Page 4


Protest C.C.N.Y.
      Alumni Action

          At the last meeting of the Social Science Club the following resolution condemning the action of the Alumni Association of City College in refusing to accept the candidates offered by the student Campus staff, was adopted.

          "The function of the colleges is education; the primary purpose of education is the development of independent thinking. Today, however, we find that general restriction of independent student expression is defeating this purpose. The most recent manifestation of this evil is the outrageous and high-handed attempt to muzzle the freedom of the student press in the College of the City of New York. The Campus Association, in its attempt to find an editor who will be servile to the administration of the college, has rejected the candidates offered by the Student Campus staff, and has, over the heads of this student staff, chosen a person whose desire to express student opinion is not as strong as his efforts to comply with the policy of the administration and its scab Campus Board.

          We the members of the Social Science Club of Brooklyn College Women's Division–pledge our support to the insurgent members of the Campus Staff in their fight to build up a press, unfettered by the administration. We call upon all students to support the paper issued by the insurgent staff, The City College Student, in its battle for student rights."

          The members were informed that the Dean could not allow any representatives of the four political parties to present their programs on the campus. Political discussions within the club were to be permitted.

          It was decided that four weeks were to be spent on learning the programs of the four major political parties. Students interested in discussing these topics are cordially invited; competent spokesmen for the Republican and Democratic parties are especially urged to attend.

          The Social Science Club will meet hereafter every Monday in room 84C at 1 P.M.


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