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October 25, 1935, Page 1

College Committee
Of Editors To Plan
Peace Mobilization

Rallies On November 8 In City
      Schools To Be Arranged
            At Meeting Today


Permanent Peace Committees To
      Be Set Up In Each High
            School and College

            Continuing preparations for a student-faculty demonstration on Friday, November 8, college and high school editors and student leaders are holding a conference today at 8 p.m. at Washington Square College of N.Y.U. This conference is being called by the Intercollegiate Peace Mobilization Committee, which was organized several weeks ago at the instigation of Roger E. Chase, editor of the Columbia Spectator.

            The Delegates will make plans for the demonstration, and also for the setting up of a permanent peace organization within each school.

            Robert A. Klein, president of the Day Organization at Washington Square, is secretary of this city-wide committee, which is also composed of Ida Schwalberg and Eli Jaffe of Brooklyn College, Margaret Cummings of Teachers College, and the President of the Jewish Theological Seminary College student council.

            Both the Women's and Men's student councils have endorsed the peace demonstration and are working with the city-wide committee in the formulation of plans. The council, represented by Harriet Ulman and Al Ehrlich, and the newspapers, represented by Ida Scwalberg and Eli Jaffe, are asking all clubs, sororities, and fraternities to send a representative to an Interclub meeting today at 1:30 p.m. in 602aL for the purpose of discussing and endorsing the peace demonstration.


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